SOCO is a platform and community for creators. Inspiring spaces, incredible events and learning opportunities to help you thrive.

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How We Build Community

We’re building a platform for incredible people to do incredible things: compelling spaces where we can work and work together; incredible events and activities to help people connect into the fabric of this community; and a range of opportunities to help you hone your skills, grow your craft and build things the world needs.


Creative, inspiring workspaces where we work and play together.



A range of events to inspire and connect our community.

SOCO Connect


We combine the skills and talents of our community to turn good ideas into great products.

SOCO Build


Opportunities to hone your skills, grow your craft and do better work.

SOCO Learn

News & Notes

2016 Year In Review - Part 1: A Community of Creators

If we’ve learned anything on this journey to change the way people work, connect and create, its that a community’s core is its people. Movements, organizations, startups, and other game changing efforts are all driven by passionate people on a que…  Read More

2016 Year in Review Part 2: A Growing Movement

In Part 1 of our Year in Review, we focused on our community and shared some of our members' proudest moments in 2016. In Part 2, we take a moment to reflect on SOCO, the entity, and give ourselves a little pat on the back for what we've been able…  Read More

Upcoming Events

Girl Geek Dinner

At The Bakery at BullStreet Columbia Women in Tech's mission is to create an informal platform where technical girls and women of all ages can network and learn from others alike in our local community. Join us for dinner, networking, and amazing…  Read More

Realtime Rendering with Redshift

At The Bakery at BullStreet Creating 3D imagery takes a lot of effort. It's a blend of technical and creative skills when it comes to modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, FX, and rendering. Plus a little black magic. Thankfully, new tools have…  Read More