We are building a community of creative and technical professionals that will grow and evolve to meet the needs of clients and startups the world over.

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How We Build Community

We’re building a platform for incredible people to do incredible things: compelling spaces where our you can work and work together; incredible events and activities to help people connect into the fabric of this community; and a range of opportunities to help you hone your skills, grow your craft and build things the world needs.


Unique and creative workspaces where we work and play together.



A range of events to inspire and connect our community.

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We combine the skills and talents of our community to turn good ideas into great products.

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Opportunities to hone your skills, grow your craft and do better work.

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News & Notes

News Release: SOCO and Spirit Communications

Initiative focused on catalyzing a new platform to support tech, creative, and digital innovation Columbia, SC (May 11th, 2016)- Today, a collaborative partnership was announced between Spirit Communications and SOCO, Inc. to provide gigabit…  Read More

Artist vs. Scientist

Creative entrepreneurs are interesting. I tend to separate most of us into two groups. The Artist vs. The Scientist So, let me me explain. The Artist The artist entrepreneur approaches the business world like they approach their work. They are…  Read More

Upcoming Events

The Experience IS the Marketing

Customer experience is so interwoven with marketing that it’s become a company’s best marketing. Learn how one health care system has incorporated the experience into all levels of marketing and communication and get ideas for how you can add exp…  Read More

Pricing Your Services and Talking Money with Confidence

6pm - 7:30pm Presented in conjunction with AIGA South Carolina and Refresh Creatives are great at doing their creative work, but when it comes to pricing, not so much. But pricing doesn’t have to be emotional, complicated, or scary! In this s…  Read More