We are building a community of creative and technical professionals that will grow and evolve to meet the needs of clients and startups the world over.

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How We Build Community

We’re building a platform for incredible people to do incredible things: compelling spaces where we can work and work together; incredible events and activities to help people connect into the fabric of this community; and a range of opportunities to help you hone your skills, grow your craft and build things the world needs.


Creative, inspiring workspaces where we work and play together.



A range of events to inspire and connect our community.

SOCO Connect


We combine the skills and talents of our community to turn good ideas into great products.

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Opportunities to hone your skills, grow your craft and do better work.

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News & Notes

Time to Write Our Own Story

This article originally appeared in Midlands Anchor on July 31, 2016. Written by Greg Hilton and Heather Dughaish Change is in the air. You can’t put your finger on it, but it’s palpable. Yes, our city is “under construction” with more than $1 billion…  Read More

Upcoming Events

Bull Street Launch Party + Free Coworking!

It's finally here! The Bakery at Bull Street is now open to the public - so let's have a party! We're excited to invite you all to celebrate with SOCO and The Iron Yard as we kick open the doors to our new second location! Free Co-work Day (all day,…  Read More

Refresh Columbia October Lightning Talks

The next Refresh Columbia event will feature a lightning-talk format on Thursday, October 27th at SOCO. Speakers will have 10 minutes each to share their insight or inspiring stories with our group of web designers, developers, project managers, and…  Read More